Sisi's vegan day cream provides your facial skin with everything it needs for its all-round well-being. The cream gets absorbed quickly and leaves your skin with a soft, velvety feel. Natural ingredients prevent your skin from free radicals and provide it with important vitamines, minerals and trace elements. The sensual and fresh scent of ginger, lemon and cardamom completes the care. Quality from Austria.

Sisi's tip: The extra portion of moisture leaves my skin glowing again. Hyaluron smoothens my skin as an effective moisturizer and wonderfully softens it.


In the morning and evening and after the thouroughly cleansing apply on face, neck and dekolléteé. "Sisi's day cream" gets absorbed quickly with the gentle massage and develops a caring and protecting effect. "Sisi's day cream" is also an ideal primer for make-up.


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  • Extract of the 5 most important ingredients in "Sisi's day cream":

    More than 40 different natural substances combat free radicals, provide an anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, firming and nurturing effect.

    Grape seed oil.
    With its high portion of unsaturated fat acids (90%) and vitamine E the cold-pressed grape seed oil is an important catcher of free radicals. Grape seed oil gets absorbed very well by the skin, stimulates the growth of new cells, improves the blood circulation and makes the skin elastic and smooth.

    Sun seed oil.
    Sun seed oil contains many Tocopherol (vitamine E) and therefore hast an cell-protective and anti-inflammatory effect. It gets very well absorbed, acts regenerating, improves skin moisture, promotes the natural skin barrier and very gently cares for your skin.

    The seed oil of the black currant has a high portion of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and therefore strengthens the skin's defenses and the immune system. Additional effect: It refines the texture of the skin.

    Hyaluron acid.
    Hyaluron acid is part of the skin's nutrient supply, is able to neutralize free radicals and positively impact the ability of skin regeneration. It effectively binds moisture in the upper skin layer and has an immediate plumping effect. The skin gets visibly tightened and firmed.

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