The hand-picked flowers and herbs cut at the moment of their maximum balsamic power, are processed with care to obtain high quality products.


Leaves and flowers are dried at low temperature and left whole to maintain the aroma.



Infusions | Biowipptal

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  • O sole mio, tasty when cold:                                                                                    cataria, sweet mint and pip., raspberry leaves, agastache, mountain basil, sunflower, marigold, mullein, cornflower

    Rugiada mattutina, refreshing:                                                                    peppermint, lemon balm, nettle, elderflower, isoppo, calendula flowers, cornflower

    Scaldacuore, for the winter evenings:                                                                  sweet mint, raspberry leaves, elderflower, cornflower, marjoram, for winter evenings

    Sogni d'oro, for pleasant nights:                                                                        lemon balm, hops, linden blossoms, mullein, buckwheat flowers, monarda, mauve, melilot

    Tempesta, for cold seasons:                                                                    peppermint, lemon balm, elderflower, raspberry leaves, plantain, sage, sage, chamomile, cornflower, mauve

    Tisana degli gnomi, for the kids:                                                        sweet mint, lemon balm, raspberry folie, fennel grass, cornflower, chamomile, mallow, mullein

    Venere, home infusions, very aromatic:                                                            cataria, alchemilla, yarrow, anisate agastaca, sunflower flowers, buckwheat flowers, monarda


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