Pink Grapefruit:

A fresh and sparkling deodorant that helps you feel good! Grapefruit extract develops fully when the deodorant is applied to the skin. Pink Grapefuit is Anna's favorite fragrance and she never gives it up during her travels!



The name says it all! Suitable for the most purists among us, as it is completely devoid of perfume! Totally natural and always 100% effective, Pure is as fresh and dry as all the other deodorants in the line!


Persian Lime:

Citrus notes of Lime and Bergamot, for a very fresh and energizing fragrance. This bright green packaging identifies the best selling deodorant in the range, suitable for men and women alike!


Vanilla Orchid:

Sweet and flowery vanilla awakens the senses! And the relaxing and beneficial properties of calendula bring a natural soothing effect, which makes Vanilla Orchid fragrance particularly suitable for the most sensitive skin!


Nordic Timber:

Warm and fragrant like northern wood, decidedly astringent thanks to cedar and a shade of Indian Geranium! This combination of fragrances makes Nordic Timber especially suitable for men.



Deodorant Stick | Ben&Anna

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  • Certified natural cosmetics

    100% vegan & cruelty free

    No aluminum

    FSC-certified paper

    Supports environmental organization One Earth – One Ocean

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