Don’t forget to clean those hard to get places between your teeth! with our interdental brushes made from sustainable bamboo and quality bristles  you can go about your business with a clean conscience.


Interdental brushes made from plastics is a ghost from the past! our stylish alternative, with a handle from 100% sustainably grown bamboo and with quality nylon bristles from DuPont, provides an easy and practical alternative to flossing.

Use humble interdental brushes daily and give your mouth something to smile about!


How to use it:

Gently remove the hidden nasties by working between every tooth, right below the gumline. Use the interdental brush against the outside of every tooth. Utilize every day and leave your mouth feeling so fresh and clean.


Two sizes: 

40 mm

45 mm



environmentally friendly packaging
cruelty free
dentist approved

Interdental Bamboo Brush | The Humble Co.

€ 4,99Price
  • Material:

    nylon-6 bristles
    natural wax (vegan)

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