The stunning 350ML brushed aluminum bottle is a design object for sophisticated bathrooms, making the 061 Hand Wash a natural addition to our skincare line that lives by the credo: Simple Skincare for Demanding Men.

The formulation is derived from the 011 Hair & Body Wash and altered so as to optimally cleanse as well as rehydrate the hands by finding the right balance of oiliness. The product thus effectively yet mildly cleanses without drying but instead rehydrating the hands.

The 061 Hand Wash rises to the expectations of a high-end hand wash whilst staying true to our brand value of convincing trough performance and not dominance.

The scent thus fascinates during use with a fresh yet elegant aroma of mint-tea essential oils that deliberately washes off – not remaining on the hands, but dispensing into the air and filling the bathroom. It creates an olfactory experience that is limited to its time and place of use and does not dominate by remaining as a layer of perfume on the hands, as is the case with most high-end hand washes. It therefore leaves the memory of a sensation rather than a dominant reminder of a recent bathroom visit.


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